Goblin Warrior


Small, green, maniacal and toothy. Armoured with makeshift piecemeal armour and often equipped with wicked looking long knives, which they affectionately call dogslicers.

Whilst often cowardly and not particularly dangerous on their own, large groups can cause problems. It would appear they have a hatred for dogs, as well as a little fear, the same going for horses. They also like to talk in verse when in combat, maybe to put off their adversaries, who knows.

Quinta has Goblinoids as a favoured enemy, so has knowledge of the best way to fight them in combat etc (gains +2 on checks vs goblinoids)

PC Interaction:
1: Fought and Killed 3 in Cathedral Square in Sandpoint
2: Fought and Killed 3 near White Deer Inn in Sandpoint, along with Goblin Commando on Goblin Dog


Goblin Warrior

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