Quinta and Company

Swallowtail Festival - More Fun and Games

Knoch, not immediately seeing where the Ogre Stomp was taking place, decided to ask after it’s location at one of the food stalls within the Market Square.
“You’ll find it outside the smithy on the High St. Just go down that road there, with the grocers hall on your right, and the smithy will be on your left", came the reply from the jolly and somewhat rotund goodwife.

Following her directions he makes his way to the Red Dog Smithy. Outside the Smithy a mutton chopped man has ‘the ogre stomp’ all set up. A weight is placed on one end of a board set over a pivot and in a groove on a split log that runs some 10 feet up to a bell with three different colours brightly painted along the groove noting degrees of success. People are being given a wooden mallet to strike the board and try to ring the bell.

Das_Korvut__1_2.jpg “Step on up, boys! No girl likes a noodle-armed weakling. Let’s see your strength!”

Knoch smiled at the man and replied, in a boastful tone,
“I’ll ring that bell so loud they’ll hear it in Tickwood”.
“Big talk from a big man, lets shee if your muscles match your mouth, though it’ll cost you 5sp to prove your strength to theesh good folk”
Despite the early hour of the day it’s clear from the slurred nature of his reply the man is well in his cups already.

Someone shouts to the mutton chopped man.
“oy! Das! I was before the Shoanti, give me the mallet”
Das concedes this was the case
“Go on then lad, take yours besst shhot”

The young lad, who looks to be trying to impress the young girl with him, pays his money, lifts the mallet above his head and swings it down, the stone leaves the ground, but only moves up 3/4 the way up the red stripe.
“Desna weeps lad, if your trying to impressh Jessy there you went about it all wrong, my grandmother could do better and she’s been dead 20 years”
This draws a few sniggers from the on watchers.

Knoch, confident that he won’t be adding to those sniggers, hands over the cash, takes the mallet from the young man and says
“Step back if you want to keep your head on your shoulders”.

He takes a wide stance and swings the mallet in a slow easy arc, accelerating the action once it’s past the zenith trying to hit the pivot as squarely and firmly as he can. The swing is hard and timed to perfection, so much so the weight flies up and not only strikes the bell, but knocks it off.

Das, somewhat fuming, berates Knoch
“The goal is to ring the bell, not break it you great oaf, it’ll take me ages to fix thish, do you know how much money you’ll lose me. Give this to shome doxy, sure she’ll be impresshed, ya big lug”
He begrudgingly gives Knoch his prize of a cute stuffed toy.

Swallowtail Festival - Fun and Games

After the evenings revelries, the party awoke, each in their own fashion and headed down for breakfast, served by Kristiella, a young elf who rattled off the menu, then went about her business efficiently. Four of the group tucked into scrambled eggs on toast, whilst Knoch filled up on a hearty meal of smoked boar, poached eggs, venison sausages, tomatoes, wild mushrooms and fresh bread. Kristiella informed them of various activities taking place at the festival whilst clearing their plates, only to have her brains picked with regards the nature of some of the peculiarly named events, particularly the ‘Dragon Racing’ and ‘Ogre Stomp’, leaving a couple of the party feeling a tad foolish with regards their literal interpretation of the names.

Refreshed and fed, the company headed out onto Market St to be met with a much busier thoroughfare than the day before. The boutique the party looked in the window of the day before had a stall outside the shop and parties of Varisians had laid out stalls selling fine cloth, harrow accessories, trinkets and the like. However Knoch was immediately drawn to the goings on outside the Goblin Squash Stables and went over to participate in what was being a simple game being run by Daviren Hosk, ‘Goblin Squash’, where throwing axes are thrown at three melons with goblin faces drawn on them.

Seeing the game Kaben made a quick jibe at Roach’s expense,
“Dont walk too close to that stand Roach – your head could easily mistaken for one of those Goblin targets!”

Knoch wandered over to Daviren and the lad currently having a try and said,
“Ho lad, are you trying to trim their toe nails – let me show you how it’s done. How much for three axes?”
Daviren, seeing him, laughed
“Ha, it’s the one who doesn’t know where he is and can’t tell right from left. Alright big fella, its 3cp to take part, ya get three throws, and ya have to hit ’em in order.Centre, left then right. Hit a melon and you get to keep it, break two melons and you get a tin medal, break three and get a copper medal”

With Denessia shouting encouragement, Knoch set himself and with his first throw, successfully cleaved the nearest melon with his throw.
“Not bad big lad, but the other two are harder, forgot to mention that as well as being further away, you have to throw from where you threw at the first one”, chipped in Daviren.
Knoch‘s attempts at the left hand ’goblin’ however were not as successful, one going high, one low, earning him a small degree of ribbing from Daviren.
“Lets hope you never get any real goblins after you lad, unless you’re a lot better with that big mallet o’ yours than you are with an axe, go grab your melon, you get to keep that at least”

Whilst Knoch and Denessia amused themselves at the ‘Goblin Squash’ the rest of the party perused the Market St stalls, the rest of the party perused the stalls, with Quinta introducing herself to Hayliss Korvaski, proprietor of the Sandpoint Boutique.
“Hi” she said, extending a hand “Hayliss Korvaski. Something tells me you’re an adventurer.If you can’t see what you’re looking for here, I’ve possibly got it tucked away somewhere in the shop.”
Quinta took her hand, “Hello, Quinta, I am just admiring the lovely pieces you have laid out.”
“Pleasure Quinta, if you’re staying in Sandpoint, Just to let you know, I buy as well as sell and I always give a fair price, that is unless at any point you finish up working for the Scarnettis”, she said, spitting. “then you might find my prices go up and my offers go down”
Although liking the look of the masterwork lockpick set and some healing potions, Quinta was unable to afford any of the items and declined from making a purchase. Knoch and Denessia then arrived at the stall, Denessia now covered in melon. Knoch had thrown his prize to her only for it to break up and mess her clothes.
Knoch then proceeded to haggle, unsuccessfully, over a nicely crafted silver hipflask, so badly in fact that Hayliss upped her price, claiming she’d quoted the wrong price originally.
“8 gold! too rich for me” Knoch said whilst turning away with a shake of his head, breaking wind as he left.
Hayliss called after him. “Too rich? Thought you were an adventurer, you should be dripping with gold. Oh well your loss. Guess you’re not an adventurer….or a gentleman by the smell of things”
She muttered under her breath as he departed, but Knoch couldn’t make out what she said.
Whilst heading from the Boutique to the Market Square, Kaben issued a rebuff of Knoch’s rude behaviour.
“What’re you thinking Knoch, we’re going to have to do business with these people and Hayliss looked like someone we could trade in our booty with, well the stuff we can’t use anyway. We don’t want to be upsetting folk. Sometimes I wonder if you and Roach have got a brain between you.”
Knoch replied, clapping Kaben on the back as he did so, “Don’t worry I’ll let you do the talking and trading whilst I’m in the bar with the other kind of booty”

The party then headed up to the Market Square, which is busy with food traders, although the fishmongers had a game for the kids sets up outside, a large wooden tank had been erected and filled with water, with children ‘fishing’ for wooden fish basking on the surface. A couple of buskers were playing traditional music. Then they noticed the ‘Dragon Races’, at the point where the square feeds into Water St. Quinta, Kaben and Denessia noticed a man going through the crowds taking money off folk and jotting stuff down – presumably running a book. The race in progress on their arrival at the ‘Dragon Races’ is won by a muscular Varisian gentleman. Quinta and Denessia try and identify a good lizard amongst the current non-racers, but are unable to tell if one is better than any other. Denessia attempts to talk to the critters only to be told by Gressel Tenniwar, a gelatinous blob of a man,
“If you’re wanning to talk t’dragons, you’re gonna have to take part lady, if not, you can kindly move along. Pay entry and pick one, that’s ’ow it works luv.”

Whilst Denessia decided on paying her coin and participating, Knoch went off looking for the ‘Ogre Stomp’ and Quinta for the archery contest.

Denessia greeted her ‘dragon’ and then sized up the opposition, a young lad, a grey haired halfling woman and a burly Varisian (not the same one as the race before). When the race began, the young lad got off to a quick start, his lizard moving 10 ft forward before anyone elses had left the line, but Denessia‘s then moved alongside, with the halfling’s shuffling forward 5ft. After that it was the Varisian’s dragon that dominated proceedings, frequently moving forward, whilst Denessia‘s and the lad’s yoyo’d back and forth. The halfling’s however went back to the start, refused to move and rolled onto it’s back, causing her to rage quit. By the time the Varisian’s dragon had crossed the line, 30ft down the track, the other two dragons were back at the 5ft mark. Despite its poor showing, Denessia thanked the lizard for its effort and then stayed around with Roach to watch a couple more races. He had stayed around to see if he could spot a pattenr in the winners so as to have a flutter, but to no avail.

The Rusty Dragon Inn

Entering the Rusty Dragon the first thing that hits the party is the delightful smell. With so many Inns and taverns smelling of stale beer and sweat, being assailed by the smell of spicy food and fresh baked bread makes for a pleasant change. The party find a table at the back and are shortly approached by an attractive busty waitress who introduces herself as Livell. Livell informs the party that drinks can be ordered from table with food, but otherwise from the bar and offers menus to each member of the party then disappears to run some food.

The party deliberate over their food choices and upon Livell’s return Quinta shouts a round of drinks, Knoch two more and each a selection from the menu. Kaben, ever aware concentrates more on the banter within the Inn than that of his colleagues and overhears rumours of one of the wealthier residents of Sandpoint, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, being disillusioned with the town and looking to upsticks back to Magnimar. It would appear that Lonjiku is the owner of the local glassworks as well as being the father of the proprietor of the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Livell shortly returns, first with ale then with food, making a three trips and places a number of mouth watering dishes on the table, Meat Ragu with fresh bread, Spiced Prawns, Peppered Noodles, Spicy Chicken with herby potatoes and two portions of Ham Croquettes with Kale. Knoch, his second ale already quaffed, tucks in ravenously as does Roach, when not waxing lyrical about his days as a River Rat on the Yondabakari, whereas the other three eat whilst chatting amongst themselves and taking in goings on in the Inn.

As the party are eating a young lady, clearly of Tian descent, her hair distinctive with white forelocks, burst out of what the party presume is the kitchen.
“Good afternoon everybody, hope you’re all enjoying the hospitality of the Rusty Dragon, a quick reminder that we’re open later than normal tonight. Just because the festivities for the festival don’t officially start till tomorrow, who says we cant have our own festivities today. We’ll have bards performing later in the evening and dancing, I’m pretty sure there’ll be dancing, well if no one is I probably will be”
As quick as she arrives in the room, she is gone, a whirling dervish of energy. Quinta meanwhile divides up the money from the butterfly delivery, sorting out the money Kaben was owed from the trip, then divvying up accordingly.

Roach boasts of his dancing prowess, whereas Quinta grabs the attention of Livell with regards accommodation. Rooms are booked, though Roach having to make do with sofa space and the party goes up to drop off gear (Knoch making a stop at the bar to purchase a bottle of rum) and freshen up prior to the evening of revelry in the tavern. Kaben is feeling a little unwell from the effects of the first drink.

On returning to the bar another round is ordered (by Knoch) though the party is unable, despite Denessia asking a waitress, to find table space as the taproom has filled up somewhat whilst the party were upstairs. Whilst the four others sup their ales, Quinta moves around the room seeing if she can pick up any tidbits of information. She a rumour about a young lady, Katrine Vinder, having a fling with an employee at the lumber mill and also that a LOT of the men here are looking forward to whatever game the Pixies Kitten puts on for the day. From the tone and the nature of the conversations, she guesses this is the local brothel.

The ale begins to take effect on the party members, with them feeling a little lightheaded, all except Knoch who is fine, despite having consumed nigh on triple the amount of everyone else.

For the second time, the young Tian comes bursting out the kitchen
“Evening ladies and gents, the evenings entertainment will be starting shortly and we’ll be stopping food until suppertime, whilst the bards are playing”

There’s a small groan from those in the pub
“But the ale will still be flowing at the bar”

A big cheer
“Enjoy the show and please, please, don’t be afraid to get up and dance, I’ll be dancing, and I can be embarrassing, so no matter how bad you are, there’ll always be someone worse”

Chuckles and laughs and even a cry of “Bagsy the first dance with you then Ameiko!” follows. At this point, Kaben realising there’s no way he feels well enough to consume his second drink, gives it to Knoch and politely makes his excuses, making his way up to the room. Quinta, still eavesdropping everywhere picks up some banter between two regulars, suppressing a smile at their bickering, discussing the relationship between town sherriff, Belor Hemlock and brothel owner, Kaye Tessarani
“It’s not right, it’s an abuse of power, that’s what it is, he might not get free services, but it’s still a fine looking woman to have on tap. Bet she wouldn’t give him a second glance if he wasn’t sherriff”
“Yeah”, the older of the two guys laughs, “Because her attention would quite clearly be focused on you then, heh, Dillan?”
“Oh shut up Drall! That’s not what I was getting at”.

The bardish group start to set up and shortly after he lead bard, all decked out in tight fitting clothes and a floppy brushed sideways haircut, steps up
“Good evening everybody, we are The Desnan League and we’ll be your entertainment for the evening, playing songs old and new, lively, melancholy…and romantic. Enjoy, get your dancing shoes on and let your hair down. 1..2..3…”

The band break into song opening with a well known Varisian jig
Ameiko calls out
“OK Direnne, you said you wanted the first dance, so get your hand round my waist and whirl me around”

Direnne happily obliges and three other couples also hit the floor. Roach follows suit and surprisingly, to the other party members anyway, seems quite good, though he dances in very much an attention grabbing style. Knoch gyrates on the spot, waving his arms in the air, slightly out of time with the beat. Denessia meanwhile decides she wants to dance pretty much as the band slip into the slower numbers at the end. Murmurs around the pub when Belor and Kaye come in together, grab a drink then hit the floor for a very close, slow dance.

Finally the lead bard makes an announcement.
“And to finish off here’s a little song of our own, it’s a tongue in cheek number about unrequited love, we call it ‘Orc, don’t you want me?’”

There’s a small ripple of applause and the Desnan League play their catchy little tune, with folk joining in on the chorus after the first time. They wrap up the number with the lead singer making a parting shot with
“I’m Phyll Oakleaf and we were the Desnan League, thankyou and goodnight”

The majority of the crowd leave, though a few stay around, what with the kitchen re-opening for supper and a few having that need to drink for as long as the bar is open. The party however make their way up to their respective rooms and retire for the night

Let's lose the mules

The party left the Town Hall, headed back down Main St, through the Market Square and along Market St, where passing the Rusty Dragon seemed tough for Roach and Knoch, but the mules had to be delivered.

The Goblin Squash Stables were easily spotted, the sign outside depicting a goblin’s worst nightmare, a goblin trampled under the hooves of a galloping horse, but what the party found inside was far more grisly than the sign. Tacked around the three main rafters upon entry to the Stables were a multitude of Goblin Ears, preserved and nailed to the rafters with goblin names burnt into the wood beneath, at least 80 pairs in total.

Whilst bemused by the macabre trophies, they were equally bemused by the lack of anyone there, other than some noise coming from the end stall. Kaben coughed, then called out.
“Excuse me, is the stable master present? We have some mules we would like to have stabled for the next few days.”

The sound of shovelling stopped and a voice called out from the end stall.
“Hold your horses, ha, well your mules, there in a second”
A few seconds later a burly, bald-headed man, wearing a leather apron stepped out the end stall, wiping the sweat of his dome.
“They Deverins? If so they’ll be here more than the next three days, stick ’em in the end stall on the right”

Mere seconds after him saying this, Knoch took it upon himself to go for an uninvited wander round the stables. The Ostler gave him a sideways look and said
“Hey big fella, if you want to go wandering round MY stables uninvited, I said put the mules there, not feel free to look around, you could at least give your colleagues a hand putting the mules where they belong”
Knoch blustered an unconvincing reply, only for Quinta to step in.
“Roach, Knoch put the horses in end stall and we can be on our way for food and drink, apologies, we will soon be out of your way.”

Roach and Knoch stabled the mules then Roach quizzed the Ostler by asking about the goblin in a bottle, attempting to deflect from Knoch’s faux pas.
“Trophies, along with me ears, that there is Chief Whartus, chief of the Bonegrinder Tribe, well ‘e was, there aint none of ’em left now, wiped out to a one, those two rafters there are all Bonegrinder ears, with the other rafter a mix of Licktoad, Thistletop and Mosswood tribes. I try to catch their names when they’re fighting or before I kill em while they beg for mercy as I like to know whose ears I got, and they know me now so I’m always a target, Longshanks Eargrabber the gobbos call me, but me names Daviren Hosk”

The party then asked questions about the Rusty Dragon, offered to put one ‘in the wood’ for Daviren and then made their way out and to the Inn


The party had followed the Kaspakari (Lost Coast Road) for three and a bit days before finally arriving at the bridge marking the entry to the town of Sandpoint, their destination for the delivery of the Swallowtails. After the dismal weather of the second day of their trip, it was a relief that today was blessed by Gozreh, with sun and a nice cooling breeze, which boded well for the two day Festival, which the party looked forward to enjoying after receiving payment for a job well done.

Sandpoint_Mirror.jpgAt the southern end of the bridge was a ‘humorous’ sign reading ‘Welcome to Sandpoint, please stop to see yourself as we see you’ with a mirror attached in the middle.
“Are they trying to be funny, I can’t see that high’, Roach grumbled.
Denessia started to reply, but then thought better of it, taking a more supportive tack. The gnome had grated on her nerves a little during the journey,
“I don’t think that’s what they’re getting at Roach, it’s not meant to be heightist”

The party crossed over the bridge and headed down Market St, the town was busy, with folk industrious in their activities. Whilst some of the party stopped to look in the Sandpoint Boutique and Knoch looked longingly at the Inn, Quinta let everyone know that they needed to make delivery before they could consider checking out the town.
“There will be time for drinking soon, let’s deliver the butterflies first, we’ve got to head for the Town Hall which is on the meeting of Tower St and Main St”
Kaben piped up, “I assume that if our meeting point is on the corner of tower street, we should head toward that tower then Quinta? Shall we move off guys or are we going to stand gawking all day?”
The party headed off down Market St whilst Roach asked for exact directions, after finding out where to go, he caught up with his colleagues in the Market Square and relayed the information to them.
They then trudged the mules along the suggested route to the Hall, noting a number of key buidings along the way, Valdemaar Fishmarket, the Grocers Hall, Turandarok Academy, the General Store, Sandpoint Savories and the Curious Goblin, a book store.

The Town Hall came up on their right just past the book shop, an impressive two-storey building. After a brief discussion about who’d look after the mules, Kaben and Quinta went inside, whilst Denessia, Knoch and Roach kept an eye on the mules and the three lads playing knucklebones across the road, bantering about food and ale and even the odd smutty joke as they did so.

Inside the Town Hall, Quinta and Kaben found themselves in an assembly hall and Kaben, turning on the charm, attempted to engage with the scribe there, meeting a frosty response until Quinta mentioned the butterflies, whereupon the scribe, who they found out went by the name of Anaris, had a complete change of demeanour and led them cheerfully up to the second floor to meet Kendra Deverin.
Mayor_Kendra_Deverin2.jpg Kendra, the mayor, who seemed pleasant yet businesslike, chatted about the journey from Magnimar and a little about the festival itself, but was unmoved when Kaben attempted to get remuneration for the coin lost en route to bandits.
“That is most unfortunate, the fact that we’d paid you to fend off such a situation means you’ve clearly made a three day journey with little to show for it, but I guess you dealt with it in a way you saw fit”
She then reached into a drawer and pulled out a small leather pouch, popping it on to their side of the desk
“20 Dukes as agreed”

Quinta and Kaben chatted a while longer, asking about work possibilities and where they could get rooms during their stay, whereupon they were directed to either the Rusty Dragon, Hagfish or Risa’s Place and also what they should do with the butterflies and mules.

The butterflies were unloaded in the Assembly Hall and the party set off through town again to deliver the mules to the Goblin Squash Stables before attempting to find accommodation, hopefully at the Rusty Dragon.

The Journey

Three Pack Mules, 18 Boxes of Butterflies, 54 miles along the Kaspakari, a well travelled route. What could go wrong?

The Company met at the Golden Bough shortly after dawn, with Quinta and the staff at the Bough already having prepared the mules, along with the boxed butterflies, tents and provisions, for the off. Introductions were made with Quinta introducing each of the party members to each other as they arrived.

It was clear from the off that the party would have a very clear social dynamic. Quinta, Kaben and Denessia striking up an easy rapport, Knoch friendly and affable but awkward with anything other than a direct question and Roach, well just being Roach, confident, a bit of a braggard and involving himself in everything.

Despite the journey normally being a two day one, with the pace needed for the mules and the delicate nature of their cargo, it was expected that the party would arrive around lunchtime the day after their third nights sleep, the day before the Swallowtail Festival. This would give them time to get paid, find digs and settle in before enjoying the two days of festivities, whilst gathering information as to where adventurers could make some coin.

The first day was uneventful other than the sighting of a bugbear and a couple of goblins that kept pace with the group for a mile or so. Roach persistently called to them, taunting them in their own tongue once they’d been spotted, and his confidence proved enough to make them think better of any kind of attack. Camp was pitched at dusk and a watch rota established whilst dinner was cooked, but no one had the need to awake his colleagues other than to pass the baton for the next stint.

The weather on day two made for a miserable day, it rained persistently, though never heavily, almost a mist in the air and the spirit of the party was subdued, other than Roach and Denessia obviously, who seemed unbreakable in their zest and lust for life. Once again though the day was uneventful, though a couple of Varisian caravans were passed going the other way towards Magnimar. Denessia fell in with them for a while, chatting, providing blessings, but in each case soon caught back up with the party. As dusk fell Quinta bagged some hare to go with the rice, beans and dried meats they’d been provided, so the party ate well and spirits were lifted, around the same time the skies cleared, ready for settling down for the night.

Day three. Nothing can ever go smoothly can it. The pay for this job was minimal. With mules, food, tents and bedding provided, the party were only to receive 20GP for the trip and sometimes what would appear to be the simplest jobs just don’t seem worth the effort. Two hours out from camp, they found the road blocked by five ‘heavies’, none of which carried themselves with the poise or bearing of a man who knew how to handle a weapon, but they were big guys, with big weapons and a lucky hit is a lucky hit. Quinta and Kaben moved forward, whilst stopping short enough of the roadblock to be able to react if there were problems. Negotiations were made and a deal was cut, two gold for safe passage, the heavies wanted ten, but Knoch makes for a good bargaining chip, so ten percent of the fee had gone before even receiving it. While Quinta was confident that they could have fought their way past the five thugs, she was always one to err on the side of caution. Roach insisted that the two gold was to come out of everyone elses share, he’d agreed four gold for the trip and that was what he’d get. Just to shut him up everyone else agreed, with Denessia and Quinta agreeing to a reduced reward. Fortunately camp was undisturbed for the third night running and the party awoke, excited about being near their destination and delivering on a job well done.

Two hours after breaking camp the party, mules and butterflies, arrived at Sandpoint.


Kaben sat with his father, Pellius, an awkward silence between them. He’d just spent an hour trying to convince him that this was the only way. They had to re acquire the money advanced to them for the contract, the Aspis Consortium would not taking kindly to the fact that the money had been stolen, but his Dad had been adamant that as he’d lost the rest of his family he didn’t want to lose the only one that stood by him.

He’d gone to Quinta, hoping she had some lucrative bounties he could assist with, but all she had were jobs tracking petty crooks, not enough to make up the 750 Dukes (GP) needed, far from it, but he listened to her plans to find fame and fortune and realised that accompanying her might be his only option. Whereas he knew he’d have no problem adventuring along side her, they’d worked together before and their skillsets complimented each other well, he’d never wanted to be an adventurer, that was more the life expected for his brothers, not that he could call them that anymore.

Kaben got up from the table and fiercely embraced his Dad, breaking the uncomfortable quiet.

“Don’t worry Dad, I’m coming back and I’m going to make this right”


Roach couldn’t get out of the Golden Bough quick enough after the ‘interview’, like he wouldn’t be hired. Whilst not objecting to adventurer pubs per se, this one reeked of ‘do-gooder’ and he needed to find somewhere a little more seedy.

The gig he’d been hired for seemed simple enough, deliver some butterflies, spend two days sussing the lie of the land, then find work adventuring in the Sandpoint Hinterlands, an even split on loot and no one in charge, decisions made democratically with the proviso that no laws were broken. Whilst this last part didn’t sit with Roach he could live with it, or at least work with it, in his own way. Roach interpreted everything ‘in his own way’.

His wandering had taken him to the Shore District and he gravitated towards what looked like a bar of interest. Pushing open the door, the smell of sweat and cheap ale, the sound of arguing and gambling hit him. Now this was more like it, well till tomorrow at least, but for tonight, this was home.


After lovingly wrapping the wooden winged elf statue, Denessia finished packing away the temporary shrine to Desna she’d set up in the corner of the room she’d been renting for the last two weeks in the ‘Toothless Gobbo’. While she’d enjoyed her time in Magnimar, it would feel good to be on the move again and the prospect of adventuring with Quinta, along with attending the Swallowtail festival to consecrate the new Desnan Cathedral in Sandpoint appealed to her. She’d liked Quinta. Whilst at first she’d seemed all business, once she’d relaxed they had hit it off, though it was clear that her underlying personality was one of a well organised, quite level headed individual, in direct contrast to the free spirit that Denessia saw herself as.

Tomorrow was a new day, may the Goddess of the North Star bless their travels with fortune and luck

The Interviews

Quinta pushed the chair back from the table and popped her legs onto the table, smoothing out the leather of her striders as she did so. This garnered some appreciative glances from a few of the non regular patrons, and even a few that knew her, but Quinta ignored their looks. Being raised in an Inn made you somewhat immune to that sort of attention. A raise of her eyebrow and a nod of her head towards her tankard saw another foaming ale plonked down on the table by Natalia, one of the ever so efficient staff at The Golden Bough. Her Dad always had things running with military efficiency.

Supping the foamy suds away from the rim, she considered the choices she’d made over the last few hours. The interviews had gone well and in her mind she’d made good decisions, or at least she thought she had. There was one interviewee that she’d decided against for reasons not based on skillset or fit within the party but in her mind it was still the right call, for her anyway.

The Varisian Cleric had been first and only a few minutes after chatting Quinta realised that she’d found the party healer straight off. The enthusiasm and lust for life possessed by the young Desnan Priest was contagious and Quinta found herself not only liking her, but it also put her at ease for the interviews to come. The next two were wholly inappropriate, boorish individuals, strong and quite clearly able to hold their own in a fight, but they were too abrasive in personality for Quinta to consider them as a part of her Company, and their personal hygiene left a lot to be desired to boot.

As for inappropriate, her second choice might just turn out to be just that, but at the same time might turn out to be an inspired selection. Roach, and she couldn’t possibly forget the name, as he insisted on using it over the word I, was a Gnome Magus. Quite clearly self centred, egocentric and probably disloyal, he should have been crossed off her list immediately, but his confidence, arrogance even, made her believe that if he was even half as good as he made out he would be an asset in a scrape. Prior to the interview he’d been working the river barges as security, but a falling out had left him looking for new employ hence finding his way to sitting the other side of a table from Quinta. Party member number two selected.

Her third choice was a giant of a Shoanti, but as per the gnome, not one she’d taken lightly. She’d failed to get him to open up about himself, but saw him as a gentle giant, yet one that could do serious damage with his Earthbreaker when the need arose. The clink of bottles in his pack and tankard at his belt, combined with the ever so slight look of someone who’d had just one too many was a concern, but she was sure that if monitored it would be a manageable one. But this was only to be expected from a follower of Cayden Cailean, the Accidental God. Nonetheless she’d found the party heavy hitter.

The next interview was where Quinta found herself strongly conflicted. Glasdir had surprised her on his arrival which didn’t happen often, he’d arrived at her shoulder, crystal glass of a fine red in hand and slid an ale in front of her.

“Makes for easier conversation I’ve found” was his opening gambit as he dragged the chair round the table so as to be adjacent to her rather than across the table. They talked for an hour, not always about the company or adventuring, with a flirtatious undertone running throughout their discussion. When his hand settled on her knee and she found herself not wanting to remove it she knew that Glasdir, whilst quite clearly a good fit for the party, would not be a good fit for her. However at that point she had the strength of will to cut the interview short and politely, despite her quite clear attraction to the white haired elf, inform him that there would not be a position in the party for him. He looked taken aback, but recomposed himself and continued the conversation a while longer, hand still on knee, before making his excuses and departing. Some times choices of leadership can be hard.


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